Posted on April 27 2016

Ok dolls, we've tried to contain ourselves, but we just can't. Queen Bey is back!
On Saturday night at 9pm US time, Beyonce showed a one hour long video, film, preview – we're not really sure what you would call it tbh dolls, but it was amaze!
There was new music, new videos and all of the fierce attitude you would expect from Bey, and we just can't get enough. Right after the showing, she dropped a new “visual album” called Lemonade and the world has gone crazy, us included!
Later on in the year, Beyonce will be touring and if you're lucky enough to go and see her then enjoy! If not, you can still have your own little Beyonce themed album release party, with lots of cocktails, music and of course, lemonade! 
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