Posted on September 12 2016

If you’re off to uni for the first time this September you’re gonna be making a whole load of new mates. 
In the new environment and with all the chaotic fun your going to be having there's 5 types of people to you are likely to meet! 
Get prepared here with our guide...  

The Hermit 
There's always one elusive flatmate - the one nobody knows the name of and is never seen. They never leave there room and it's as if they don't exist. Looks like your living with four other people now not five like you first thought! 

The Go Hard Or Go Home 
This is the one that goes too hard, from partying too much and not knowing there limits this is the person likely to be getting carried home before the night even started! Unlucky! 

The Disappearing Friend 
This is the friend that is your best mate all freshers week, you experience everything new together, from unpacking your bedroom, to your first food shop and exploring your new home city. You are inseparable and party the time away together. Yet term starts and there nowhere to be seen! Just remember the good times and move on. 

The Shy One 
It can be alot to take in, a new city, new people, new experiences. There's always that one person that is super quiet. Give them a chance and by the end of the week guarantee they'll be the life of your social circle. 

The Friend For Life 
This is the friend you'll have for life! You'll bond over those embarrassing moments and new experiences. You'll be cooking for each other, sharing clothes and become closer then any other friend you've had before. You can't beet the bond of a uni BFFL! 

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