Posted on June 24 2016

Today is apparently swim a lap day (who comes up with these, we have no idea!) Anyway, this, combined with the release of Finding Dory (finally), has got us wanting to release our inner Ariel and get straight in the water.
Now for a bit of encouragement, we should probably get a new swimming costume. You can't dress badly when swimming, so a hot bikini or monokini is more of a NEED than a want. I mean, we're competing with Ariel here and she's a Princess so we've got to buy something super cute. Well, that's what we're telling ourselves anyway!
So let's not waste time dolls, click here now to see our full range of sexy summer swimwear. Or if you really don't want to waste any time at all, just take a look in this very blog for some of our stylist voted favourites!  
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