Posted on June 30 2016

Yesterday, Rihanna played at the Emirates Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester and like typical Manchester, it rained all day! Luckily for her fans though, Ri-Ri was feeling generous yesterday and so she sent towels and free pizza to the queues of people waiting outside to see her in the rain. What a total babe! Then to top off the night, Drake also made a surprise appearance and the pair performed together. We were not expecting that one dolls! Next level amazing!
Well, in honour of the great queen Ri-Ri, we've put together a little style steal to help you dress like R&B royalty. We've got flowing kimono's, sexy jumpsuits and of course, a killer party dress. And all are inspired by Rihanna's style.
So what are you waiting for dolls, let's get to work work work work work and shop now.  

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