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    Posted on July 26 2016

    Vacay season is here! Spent all your dollar on the flights and prime party location? Don’t worry dolls we’ve got your summer suitcase covered with plenty under 20!  Whether you’re...

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    Posted on June 27 2016

    So Dolls, we all know the weather can't make it's mind up! Can't it just be sunny already!?!   To help keep you in the summer spirit here at Doll...

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    Posted on April 26 2016

    Can you believe it? Because we can't! The sun has actually graced us with it's presence and it was actually warm for the first time in a long time here...

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    Posted on April 18 2016

    Festival season is here once again, kicking of with the first half of Coachella! We're super sad that we can't make it to California and be part of the amazing,...

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    Posted on March 21 2016

    Ugh, it's Monday. We're feeling a little lazy today here at Doll HQ, so to help us, and you, we've come up with a little motivational playlist, which you can...

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